Avalanche.org/Westwide Avalanche Network

Thirteen years since itís inception, avalanche.org is recognized worldwide as the internet portal to US avalanche information and benefits both the public and avalanche professionals. Recently, the American Avalanche Association has been given ownership of avalanche.org and the Westwide Avalanche Network (WWAN) to oversee and take into the future. All avalanche.org funds remain in a separate account and are exclusively used for avalanche.org operations.

To unite the professional avalanche community, help advance the profession, facilitate professional opportunities, and reach the general public and professionals with avalanche information.

Although submission of data to the WWAN dwindled then ceased in 2007, the WWAN database remains safely archived. WWAN participants will continue to have access to all their existing data. In the future, we hope to reestablish US data collection, but during this transition period we will focus on:

  • Employment listings and employer submissions, education providers listed by state and level of programs offered, AAA member listings are all features of the new avalanche.org web pages.

  • Accident databases are maintained and posted in partnership with the Colorado Avalanche Information Center, who maintains the full historic database of US avalanche accidents. This guarantees timely and accurate information.

Beginning 2010, AAA and avalanche.org web pages will interface and compliment each other to allow cleaner navigation and easy access to information for public and professional needs. A unified presence and professional oversight of these US avalanche web pages provides consistency and quality.