U.S. Avalanche Accidents Reports


Special thanks to CAIC, who help to collect accident reports and maintain the national database.


Date Place Fatalities State Activity Summary
2004-06-13 Liberty Ridge, Mt Rainier 2 WA CLIMB 2 climbers caught and killed
2004-02-28 Byron Glacier Peak, near Portage 1 AK CLIMB Cornice gives way, plunging climber to his death
2004-02-13 Banff National Park 3 AB CLIMB 3 ice climbers buried and killed
2004-03-20 La Plata Peak ? Sawatch Range 1 CO HIKE 2 hikers caught, 1 injured, 1 buried and killed
2004-04-05 Nunavut 1 NU OTHER Young boy buried and killed in river bank slide
2004-04-28 Mount Shasta   CA OTHER Dog survives 2 and half hour burial
2004-03-05 The Sinks, near the top of Logan Canyon   UT OTHER 39 Scouts & leaders buried in snow caves by cornice fall
2004-01-22 Portage 1 AK OTHER Roof slide kills Forest Service employee
2004-01-25 Cape Mercy, about 140 km southeast of Pangnirtung 1 NV OTHER 4 people hit by avalanche in tent, 1 killed
2004-01-02 Soldier Mountain; near Soldier Mountain Ski Resort 2 ID OTHER House struck by an avalanche, 2 people buried and killed
2004-01-28 Essex   MT OTHER Two avalanches hit freight train, 15 cars derailed
2004-02-01 Cayoosh Mountain, northeast of Pemberton 1 BC SKI 1 skier caught, carried, and killed
2004-01-31 Teton Range, Peak 9,870 (The Pyramid) 1 WY SKI 1 backcountry skier caught buried and killed
2004-01-01 Castle Peak, North of Donner Summit 1 CA SKI 1 skier caught, buried, and killed
2004-04-09 The Vice President, in Yoho National Park 1 BC SKI 1 skier caught in cornice fall, buried, and killed
2004-01-08 Mount Justin-Mount Devine area 1 BC SKI 1 Skier caught, carried, partially buried, and killed
2003-12-26 Elk Point Avalanche Paths- Mt. Timpanogos 3 UT SNOWBOARD 6 snowboarders caught, carried, and buried. 3 killed, 2 remain missing
2004-04-26 near the Mt Baker ski area 1 WA SNOWBOARD 1 snowboarder caught and killed in small slide
2004-01-30 Russell Bowl area near Valhalla Provincial Park 1 BC SNOWBOARD 14 people struck, 3 caught and buried, 2 injured, 1 killed.
2004-03-06 Stampede Pass area   WA SNOWMOBILE Close call for couple of snowmobilers
2003-12-17 Navajo Peak WNW of Blewett Pass 1 WA SNOWMOBILE 1 snowmobiler caught, buried and killed
2004-04-10 Gun Creek, near Paxson 1 AK SNOWMOBILE 3 snowmobilers caught, 1 killed
2004-03-10 Mount Guyot, west of Breckenridge 1 CO SNOWMOBILE 1 Snowmobiler caught, buried, and killed
2004-04-03 Empress Lake, 60 kilometres southwest of Revelstoke 1 BC SNOWMOBILE 5 snowmobilers caught and buried, one killed
2004-03-07 Jeru Peak, about 20 miles north of Sandpoint 1 ID Snowmobile Snowmobiler caught buried and killed
2004-03-05 Near Salmon la Sac 1 WA SNOWMOBILE One snowmobiler caught, buried,killed
2004-02-28 Apollo Creek, about 15 miles Northwest of Ketchum 1 ID SNOWMOBILE Snowmobiler caught buried and killed
2004-02-03 Ladybird mountain area, northwest of Castlegar 1 BC SNOWMOBILE 2 snowmobilers caught and buried. One killed.
2004-01-31 Lake Ann in upper Fortune Creek   WA SNOWMOBILE 2 snowmobilers caught, buried, and rescued alive with transcievers
2003-12-13 Near the Alpental ski area, Snoqualmie Pass 1 WA SNOWSHOE 1 snowshoer caught, buried, still missing and presumed dead
2004-04-09 Browns Peak, just north of Huron Peak 1 CO SNOWSHOE 1 snowshoer caught, buried, and killed
2004-02-26 Daly Canyon near the Judge Mine 1 UT SNOWSHOE 1 snowshoer caught, buried, and killed
2003-12-12 Near Artists Point near the Mt Baker ski area 1 WA SNOWSHOE 3 snowshoers caught and buried, 1 killed, 2 survived 24 +hour burial