Detailed Accident Report

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Date: 2016-01-23
Submitted By: AAA
Place: Olney, Whitefish Range, Swede Creek
State: MT
Country: USA
Fatalities: 1
Summary: 3 snowmobilers caught, 1 partly buried, 2 buried and 1 killed

On Saturday (1/23/2016) a group of three snowmobilers were caught in small. Two riders were buried, of which one was able to free himself. That rider, along with the third rider (who also managed to freed himself) used their transceivers to find their buried friend. Attempts to resuscitate the rider were unsuccessful.

Official Report

Media Report

24 Jan. 2016 at 1900mst.
25 Jan. 2016 at 2020mst with new information from FAC.