Detailed Accident Report

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Date: 2000-10-30
Submitted By: Sue Burak Snow Survey Associates
Place: Red Cone bowl near Mammoth Lakes
State: CA
Country: USA
Summary: 2 skiers caught and injured

After a early season storm dropped a meter of snow over the Sierra

Crest on Oct. 28-29, two experienced local backcountry skiers

triggered a climax avalanche in the popular "Red Cone" bowl near

Mammoth Lakes, CA. One skier had a transceiver. The skier who

skied first down the bowl triggered the avalanche above his partner

who was already in the Bowl. He was carried through rocks and

suffered bruised femurs and wrists and was partially buried. The

other skier was carried about 50 meters and ended up on top of the

debris. Several skis and poles were lost. The crown was a meter

deep. Neither one thought the depth hoar layer from an early storm

posed much hazard.

This accident was a wake up call for the local backcountry

community, who often ski steep chutes and bowls with impunity

immediately after storms..