Detailed Accident Report

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Date: 2002-03-18
Submitted By: KHMR Patrol
Place: Dogtooth Mountain Range, outside Kicking Horse Mtn. Resort
State: BC
Country: CANADA
Fatalities: 1
Summary: 1 skier caught, buried, and killed.

The following initial report is subject to change.


A party of 4 ski tourers were 2km

outside the boundary (NW) of Kicking Horse Mountain Resort. The party did use ski lifts in the tour to gain

access to the backcontry earlier in the day. They were on their second

run although a good distance from their first run, in different terrain.

The party gained the ridge and decided to avoid the top pitch of the slope

due to a cornice and obvious wind loading. Two members skied the right of

the slide path and one travelled along the top of the ridge to ski the left

flank. As one of the party was traversing the ridge he got close to the

cornice and it broke off bringing him with it and triggering an avalanche on the slope

below. Due to the terrain, the victim suffered traumatic injuries. He was fully buried approx. 1 m below the surface and travelled approx.

300m. Other people in the party located and dug out the victim in 15 minutes but resuscitation efforts were not successful. The slide was a size 3, 60cm to 1m deep x 150m wide x 1000m long.

It occurred on a North aspect @ 2300m. Prior winds were SE in direction, and the suspect running layer was surface

hoar buried Feb. 17th.

This is the initial report and all material is subject to change.

-end report-


Maine skier killed in avalanche

GOLDEN, British Columbia ? The Royal Canadian Mounted Police have identified an American skier killed in a backcountry avalanche in southeastern British Columbia.

Dr. Brian Seitz of North Yarmouth, Maine, died Monday when he was caught in a snow slide in the Dogtooth Mountain Range outside the Kicking Horse Resort near Golden, the RCMP said.

Seitz, 57, was skiing with his two teen-age sons and another person when he was buried by the avalanche. The others were not injured.

Officials said the man was wearing a locator beacon but was found dead under more than three feet of snow.

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