Detailed Accident Report

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Date: 2005-04-05
Submitted By: Canadian Avalanche Centre
Place: near Blue River, British Columbia
State: BC
Country: CANADA
Fatalities: 1
Summary: 1 skier caught, buried, and killed

Canadian Avalanche Centre

Avalanche Accident Information Report

Avalanche Fatality ? April 5, 2005 Blue River, British Columbia

On April 5, 2005 at approximately 12:00 pm a person was killed by an avalanche near Blue

River, British Columbia while helicopter skiing.

The avalanche occurred when the sixth person in a group of 12 skiers was skiing a slope. The

avalanche occurred on a north facing ridge feature. The avalanche was triggered by the skier and

released snow in an adjacent bowl. The slope had been previously skied by several groups. The

avalanche had two branches on opposite sides of the ridge. Initially, the first branch fractured on

the March 16 facet-crust interface before stepping down to the March 5 facet-crust interface

buried about 1m deep. The second branch on the other side of the ridge fractured between 110

cm and 180 cm deep. Combined the avalanche was a size 3.0 with a 300 m wide crown and ran

200 vertical meters.

The average slope angle at the fracture line was 45 degrees at 1890 m in the treeline vegetation


The avalanche debris was approximately 2m deep. The person was buried approximately 110 cm

deep about 2.5 m from the left hand flank. The person was quickly recovered and flown to a

Kamloops hospital for treatment of traumatic injuries. He died the following day.

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