Detailed Accident Report

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Date: 2006-01-08
Submitted By: WWAN
Place: Avalanche Closed Area; Kicking Horse Mtn Resort
State: BC
Country: CANADA
Fatalities: 1
Summary: 1 snowboarder caught, buried, and killed in a closed area


Snowboarder killed in B.C. avalanche

Jan. 9, 2006. 02:22 PM


GOLDEN, B.C. ? A snowboarder was found dead in an avalanche Sunday just hours before four skiers were dug out of another snowslide about 300 kilometres away.

Sarah Geddes of the Kicking Horse Mountain Resort near Golden, B.C., said the snowboarder's body was recovered by emergency crews after he was found by a rescue dog.

"He had gone to snowboard on his own the day before," Geddes said.

"(Rescue crews) waited until daylight, then began the search."

Michael Dalzell, Kicking Horse's director of sales, said the man was a season's pass holder and had entered a section that was clearly marked as closed.

Police were contacting family before releasing the man's name.

British Columbia's recent warm and wet weather also threatened skiers at Fernie Alpine Resort when an avalanche hit there.

The resort's Matt Mosteller said the snowslide partly buried four skiers, including a ski patroller, but other safety officers were able to dig them out.

"All are okay so we're very fortunate," he said.

The avalanche, which was triggered naturally, began in an out-of-bounds area and eventually slammed onto an open ski run where it crashed into the four skiers.

The resort has closed almost two-thirds of its ski slopes for safety reasons.