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Date: 2007-03-11
Submitted By: WWAN
Place: Long Range Mountains, Blue Mountain
State: NL
Country: CANADA
Fatalities: 1
Summary: 7 snowmobilers involved, 1 buried and killed


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Canadian Avalanche Centre Accident Information Report

Avalanche on Northern Peninsula, Newfoundland

March 11, 2007

A 30 year old man from River of Ponds is dead after being buried by an

avalanche. The man, along with several other individuals, was

snowmobiling on Eastern Blue Mountain and while stopped, the avalanche

buried seven people. Six of the group managed to escape, but one man was

trapped. The group was able to pull him out and administered first aid.

He was taken to Rufus Guinchard Health Centre where he was pronounced


RCMP in Port Saunders are investigating the incident.

We present this information to help recreational backcountry users by informing them of

snow, weather, or terrain characteristics associated with backcountry avalanche accidents.

We hope that this information can be used to prevent similar accidents and will help to

raise awareness of avalanche accidents.

This information may be preliminary and incomplete, and may be superceded by

official information from the Coroner?s office at a later date. The Canadian

Avalanche Centre cannot verify the accuracy of this information.


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Snowmobiler dies in Newfoundland avalanche

Updated Sun. Mar. 11 2007 7:11 PM ET News Staff

A 30-year-old Newfoundland man died after he was buried by an avalanche while snowmobiling with friends on Saturday night in Port Saunders.

The RCMP say the unidentified victim was snowmobiling on the province's Northern Peninsula with several other people on Eastern Blue Mountain at the time of the avalanche.

Six people managed to escape, but the man was buried under snow for several minutes before others in the group dug him about and performed first aid.

He was rushed to hospital where he was pronounced dead. The RCMP is investigating. Police say the man is from nearby River Ponds.