Detailed Accident Report

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Date: 2008-12-30
Submitted By: NWAC
Place: Rockford, WA (near Spokane, eastern WA)
State: WA
Country: USA
Fatalities: 1
Summary: Roof Avalanche kills 85 year old women

Location: Rockford, WA (near Spokane, eastern WA)

Date: 12-30-08

Activity: shoveling walk / clearing roof

Buried: 1

Killed: 1

Report on Valley Watch Newspaper, Spokane, WA


Rockford Resident Dies from Roof Avalanche

By ValleyWatch ( December 30, 2008 at 11:02) ∑ Filed under Area News, Rockford WA, Roof Avalanche, Spokane County Sheriff, Venita Johnson

85-year-old Venita Jonson, a Rockford resident died over the weekend when heavy snow fell from her rooftop avalanched and buried her as she shoveled her walk. Her death was ruled accidental, and caused by suffocation.

A neighbor called deputies to Johnsonís home in Rockford about 9 a.m. Sunday. The neighbor said he had stopped by the womanís home to give her some candy and found the front door standing open.

The neighbor checked the home and found no one inside. He saw the back of her head protruding from a pile of snow. Her snow shovel handle was sticking out of the snow nearby. It appeared the snow had cascaded from her rooftop, knocked her down and buried her.