Detailed Accident Report

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Date: 2009-03-07
Submitted By: British Columbia Coronerís Service
Place: Kicking Horse Mountain Resort - Ozone Permanent Avalanche Closure
State: BC
Country: CANADA
Fatalities: 2
Summary: 2 skiers caught, buried and killed

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Date/Time: 2009-03-07 14:20

Description: Kicking Horse Mountain Resort - Ozone Permanent Avalanche Closure

Coordinates: 117d5m40s 51d16m55s (Geographic (long-lat))

Mtn Range: Purcell Mountain Range Province: BC


Type: Family/Friends

Activity: Lift Skiing Closed

Size: 4


Number: 1 Size:

Size class 2.5

Type: Slab avalanche

Trigger: Sa

Dimension: 125m wide; ran for 250m; average slab depth of 40cm.

Failure Pl.: Old - SH/FC (2009-03-01)

Location: Alpine at approx. 2470m.

Character: SE; 43 degrees; Cross-loaded Slope; Convex Roll(s).

ESE aspect. Windward/cross-loaded slope. Steep, unsupported (convex roll to cliff

band) slope. Many areas of weakness (rocks, trees).



Number of people involved: 2 completely buried.

Number of people injured: 2 deceased.


Weather: 28 cm snowfall in past 48 hours. Light-moderate SW wind in past 48 hours. S-1,

winds were moderate for a few hours from SW in am.

Snowpack: Variable HS, mostly FC'd w/ variable CR's throughout. 081103 CR still intact @ base.

Slab failure was approx. 30 cm down on FC/SH.

Date and Time of Report: 2009-03-09 11:00

The CAC Forecaster Team thanks the observers for

their contribution to avalanche safety in Canada

March 9, 2009

Grand-Am Loses a Friend - Hima Maher

By Kevin Buckler

SONOMA, Calif. - Our dear friend Hima Maher lost his life Saturday afternoon doing what he loved doing, skiing the steep and deep powder of the rugged Canadian backcountry.

He and three friends were skiing the boundary area at Kicking Horse Resort, just outside Golden, British Columbia, when they apparently triggered an avalanche which caught Hima and one other member of their group. All were wearing avalanche beepers and equipment and they were located by the other two within 15 minutes but it was too late.

Hima ran in six Rolex Series GT events in 2008 for TRG, finishing eighth in the Daytona Brumos Porsche 250, Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca and Montreal. He was also instrumental in putting together the No. 65 TRG/Riegel Autosport team, bringing together Ted Rozsa, Craig Stanton and John Potter.

Hima, 40, lived in Calgary, Alberta, and was a veteran of many different levels of Porsche racing - always bringing a fresh outlook and an unrelenting enthusiasm. He purchased Riegel Tuning Ltd., a professional Porsche tuning shop located in Calgary, in 1998, and changed its name to Riegel Tuning 98. Hima formed Maher Racing Inc. in 1999, operating the Maher Performance Driving School and the Calgary Sport Drivers Club.

Hima was a terrific guy and an inspiration to be around---always with a smile. He had a way of bringing people together just like he did on a Heli-trip into the backcountry that he hosted last year for our team, including myself, Spencer Pumpelly, Ted Ballou and Tim George Jr.

Thanks for enriching our lives Hima, you will be missed by the Grand-Am family.