Detailed Accident Report

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Date: 2014-12-06
Submitted By: AAA
Place: Delta Range, Isabel Pass, Rainbow Ridge area, near mp 197 Richardson Highway
State: AK
Country: USA
Fatalities: 1
Summary: 2 backcountry skiers caught, 1 partly buried, 1 buried and killed

About 1330 Saturday (12/6) 2 backcountry skiers were caught after triggering a backcountry avalanche about 2.5 miles off the Richardson Highway Rainbow Ridge area near Isabel Pass. One skier was buried with only his face and right arm free. He needed about 2.5 hours to free himself; much of that time was spent scraping away snow with his ski pole before he was able to free his left arm and retrieve his shovel from his pack. About 10 feet up-slope he spotted the gloved hand of his buried friend, but the rescue came too late. The survivor's dog was also buried and presumed killed. Other details are few at this time.

Media Report

Friends recover body on Christmas Eve:

Official Report Alaska Avalanche Information Center (report collected by CAIC):

Posted 12/7 at 2300 mst.

Updated 12/11, 0945 mst, with second news story and to add some additional information about the accident.

Updated 12/29, 1030 mst, with news of recovery and to link to official report by Alaska Avalanche Information Center.