Avalanche Bibliography


Supplement No. 1

Literature published 1966-1972

(This supplement has been prepared
by the Geophysics Program, University
of Washington, Seattle, WA 98195.)

March 1973


The publications are listed alphabetically by author. The library where each item can be located and its call number, when known, are given following the source. Libraries are identified according to the following code:

CU: California Univ, Berkeley, Calif.
CLU: California Univ, Los Angeles, Calif.
CU-S: California Univ, Scripps Inst. of Oceanog., La Jolla, Cal
DAS: Atmospheric Science Library, Silver Springs, Md.
DBS: U.S. Bureau of Standards Library, Washington, D.C.
DGS: U.S. Geological Survey Library, Washington, D.C.
DLC: Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.
DNAL: National Agricultural Library, Washington, D.C.
DN-HO: U.S. Naval Oceanographic Office Library, Suitland, Md.

Other codes:
UDC: Universal Decimal Classification
SIP,SIPRE: Snow, Ice and Permafrost Research Establishment
CRREL: Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory

Following the UDC number and/or library, the number in parentheses (SD) indicates where a short abstract of the item may be found.

The numbers 18.1-1 to 22.12-525 refer to the Meteorological and Geoastrophysical Abstracts, published by the American Meteorological Society, Volume 18(1967) to Volume 22(1971). The code for each number is:

volume.month-abstract number

The second source of abstracts is CRREL Report 12, the different volumes, years, titles and abstract numbers listed below:

Vol. XXI, June 1967, Bibliography on Snow, Ice and Frozen Ground.
Abstract numbers 24201-25200. (This is the SIPRE designation.)

Vol. XXII, June 1968, Bibliography on Snow, Ice and Frozen Ground.
Abstract numbers 25201-26000. (This also SIPRE designation.)

Vol. XXIII, July 1969, Bibliography on Cold Regions Science & Technology.
Abstract numbers 23-1 to 23-5848.

Vol. XXIV, July 1970, Bibliography on Cold Regions Science & Technology.
Abstract numbers 24-1 to 24-4014.

Vol. XXV, July 1971, Bibliography on Cold Regions Science & Technology.
Abstract numbers 25-1 to 25-4385.

A. Proceedings of the 4th Transcaucasian Scientific Conference on Snow, Avalanche, and Glacier Studies in the Caucasus.,(Materially IV Zakavkazskol nauchnoi Konferentsee po i Zucheniiu Snezhnogo poknova, snezhnykn lavin i lednikov Kaukaza.) (G. N. Khmaladze, Ed.) Tiflis. Zakavkazskii nauchno - issledovatel'skii gidrometeorologicheskii institut. Trudy,45(51), 1970.

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P. Itogi naukl. Gidrologila Sashl. Gliatslologlia.

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