Electronics inhibiting avalanche beacon functionality.

Electronic devices can interfere with transceiver function, especially in Search Mode. Anything that is powered with electricity: Cameras, radios, Go-Pros, heated gloves, phones, GPS, music players, etc. can create electronic noise that disrupts a transceiver’s performance. Powered-up snowmobiles are especially prone to interference. Even in airplane mode, a cell phone that is too close to your transceiver can make your transceiver malfunction. Metallic objects, such as shovel blades or aluminum foil, can also cause passive interference. Turn off unnecessary electronic devices at the trailhead. Transceiver manufacturers recommend keeping any possible sources of interference at least 50 cm (arm’s length) away from your transceiver when it is in search mode, and at least 20 cm away from your transceiver in transmit mode. 

Follow the recommendations in the graphic below to reduce electromagnetic interference.

Recommendations for mitigating electromagnetic interference.