A trailhead protocol for ensuring that everyone's beacon is turned on and functioning.

Credit: Pieps

Before leaving the trailhead, you should check that everyone’s transceiver is turned on with adequate battery and ensure that all transceivers function properly.  After powering up your transceiver and checking the battery life, have your group space out and switch to “search” mode.  As you approach each of them with your transceiver in “send” mode, they verify that the range is accurate and that the readings get progressively smaller as you get closer.  Then, have everyone stow their transceivers away in “send” mode while you check their signals in “search” mode. You can occasionally conduct this check from more than 60 meters apart to test the range of your transceivers. Stow your transceiver in “send” mode in a secure location: your transceiver’s harness or a zippered beacon pocket.