Dangerous avalanche conditions.

Considerable is the third of five levels on the avalanche danger scale. Under Considerable danger, natural avalanches are possible and human-triggered slides are likely. Avalanche conditions are considered dangerous and careful snowpack evaluation, cautious route-finding, and conservative decision making are essential. Small avalanches can occur in many areas, large avalanches in specific areas, and very large avalanches in isolated areas.

Decision making under considerable danger requires a conservative mindset. While conditions are dangerous, avalanches may be less widespread, smaller, or less likely than under High avalanche danger, potentially making the danger less obvious. Many slopes should be avoided when avalanche danger is rated Considerable. The avalanche forecast will help describe what type of terrain you should avoid. You can easily default to low angle slopes that aren’t connected to steeper terrain above to increase your margin of safety on Considerable days. 

Historically, the highest number of avalanche fatalities have occurred when the danger was rated Considerable.