Heightened avalanche conditions on specific terrain features.

Moderate is the second of five levels on the avalanche danger scale. Under Moderate danger, there are heightened avalanche conditions on specific terrain features. Features of concern should be identified and terrain and snow should be evaluated carefully. Natural avalanches are unlikely and human-triggered avalanches are possible. Small avalanches can happen in specific areas and large avalanches in isolated areas.

Decision-making under Moderate avalanche danger can be challenging, since avalanche danger is present, but is limited in distribution, likelihood, and/or destructive potential. In some cases, the specific problem areas are well-defined and easily avoidable; in other situations, instabilities are more sporadic or more difficult to manage.  Moderate danger can apply to a variety of avalanche problem scenarios, including low-probability/high-consequence situations, when erratic yet very large avalanches are possible. Pay careful attention to the avalanche problems in the forecast to avoid slopes where avalanches can be triggered.